LABOR DAY IS Monday the 5th...
Sounds Like a FREE DESSERT to me. Back to School and Football
The First Day of Fall is September 22

Bring the whole family by on Labor Day and enjoy the fruits of our labor! If you come to either our San Bernardino or Fontana restaurants and order an entree, you will receive a FREE Special Dessert! We have banquet rooms at each location, so we can accommodate the whole family. Football Season starts Thursday, Sept. 8!  Plan a football party! Save time and money when you call Sundowners Family Restaurants for food-to-go. Look at it as a ready-made meal without the catering staff. We prepare it to perfection, and pack it up with everything you need. Think St. Louis Style Ribs, Fried (Broasted) Chicken, Hamburgers, or even Steak. (It won't break the bank - we promise!) And be sure to include Sundowners Family Restaurants in your plans for your Family Nights - make it special for you and the kids. Once a week or once a month - it's a good place to get together and catch up. Plus great food at super low prices, and no kitchen clean-up. How can you go wrong?

SUNDOWNERS SPECIALS FOR SEPTEMBER: The best part about eating with us is you are not cooking at home! And with our specials you don't even have to feel guilty. The absolute best bargain around is our Signature Special two Top Sirloin Steak and Shrimp Dinner... OR... Two Tops... OR... One of Each... Your choice - two for just $13.99. (Single purchase is always welcome at $6.99.) Our other $1.00 Off Specials are pretty tasty, too. The Teriyaki Combo – steak, chicken and shrimp (only $9.49) is a great deal, and of course, the St. Louis Style Pork Ribs Dinner - a steal at $9.49. The Prime Rib Steak Dinner is just $9.49. The Chicken Dinners - 12 oz. of moist and delicious breast done in Lemon, Teriyaki, or Orange Glaze - are just $7.39 per dinner! And practically everything that swims is on special. Mahi-Mahi Dinner comes to mind - right now on special for just $8.99. That's a full 8oz. portion that is crazy good. Check out all of our Specials on our Specials Page. And remember: No coupons are needed.

LOOKING AHEAD: Monday, October 31st is Halloween. And I guarantee, you have never, ever experienced Halloween like this! All of our employees at both San Bernardino and Fontana dress to impress in amazing costumes! We then select the best from each location, and post it on our site (along with a whole bunch of other costumed employees). And if that weren’t enough, we also give you a Free Dessert with every entrée ordered. Be sure to bring the little ones and your camera for a Spooktacular Meal before you head on out to gather those treats!

ON YOU MARK...GET SET....GO! (No, it's not the Olympics!) Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you need to start training NOW with our delicious Turkey Burgers! And just to help you out we have them on Special. Turkey Burger Lunch is on Special for just $5.49 - that includes Soup or Salad, and a Drink. Go ahead - fill up! And our Turkey Burger Sandwich is on Special for just $3.99 - with Fries. Are you kidding me? But if you really want to train, you need to start with the Two Top Sirloins! Yes! Our Anniversary 1Cent Sale is just around the corner. Come on people! Let's get in shape to take advantage of the Best Deal of the Year!

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